Trusted Technology Partnership (formally known as Healthcare Computing Limited) is a specialist provider of NHS IT Infrastructure and Support services, supporting NHS organisations to improve digital maturity and patient care.

Who are we?

We were formed in 1996 as Healthcare Computing Limited and very quickly concentrated on, and specialised in, the NHS GP IT space. We are proud to have held some of our contracts and relationships for over 25 years. Our core services include:

  • Life Cycle Project Management (or parts of it as required)
  • Accredited Service Team (remote support including 1st/2nd/3rd line, escalation, on site engineering).
  • Security, Cyber and Advanced Technology Services
  • IT consultancy
  • Custom software design, creation, and support
  • IT strategy
  • Logistics and logistics management
  • Circularity environmental equipment supply
  • Secure waste disposal
  • Procurement

In early 2023 we became an Employee Ownership Trust, and changed our name to reflect our new status and transition to Trusted Technology Partnership.

What is an EOT?

Simply put, this means that our business is run for the benefit of all our colleagues equally. Each of our colleagues can influence their benefits which means chances for additional paid leave and even the opportunity for an equally shared financial bonus! In line with our change of ownership status, we actively encourage our colleagues to stay with us, each have an equal shareholding benefit, are given the opportunity to progress within the business, to learn new skills or move to a different role. We each have a voice and can vote for our own representatives

What happened to Healthcare Computing?

Nothing! It is still us! We still have the same values, commitment and people! But, with a new energy and determination to provide the best service that we can. To reflect the fact that the company is now a partnership (EOT) we changed our name.

We are really proud of our heritage as Healthcare Computing and the change of branding to Trusted Technology Partnership will be phased, not a big bang. Our teams remain the same, our founding shareholders have not left us and remain working within the business as well as sitting on our boards.

Be sure to meet the teamand see the faces behind the company!