With over 25 years of experience, Trusted Technology has the experience to become your strategic IT support partner. With a complete portfolio of managed services, customised for your benefit, Trusted Technology work in partnership with customers to bring technology together for a wide range of IT disciplines.

Allow us to take care of your IT systems, making your life easier and allowing you time and energy to focus on the important things. We understand that you may need temporary capacity, or, to outsource tasks and services to meet budgets or create efficiencies. Our team of experts is here to provide peace of mind, whatever your needs.

Providing a bespoke service, tailored to your needs, Trusted Technology have the knowledge and experience to be your expert IT support team.

Event Management

Trusted Technology's established event management tools and processes will identify and resolve issues in a timely manner, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced downtime.

Incident & Request Lifecycle Management

We will quickly and effectively address issues and requests in a way that minimises disruption and maximises satisfaction.

Remote Support

With a rapid response support desk, we will manage your complete IT estate remotely to support your users and allowing you time and energy to focus on your commercial goals.

Onsite Support

Our technical experts are always on hand to respond to incidents and even offer onsite support, ensuring your business can keep operating as normal.

Network Monitoring Services

We can help with the burden of monitoring your network, aiding with the detection of threats, analysing performance and alerting of outages or other problems .

Network Operations Centre

Our network operations centre can monitor the performance and health of your network, making sure your services aren’t disrupted and maintaining the best uptime possible. 

Pro-active Maintenance

Our team of infrastructure experts will perform regular maintenance of your IT systems, keeping systems running smoothly, minimising the risk of unplanned downtime.

Pro-active Monitoring

We can monitor your IT systems, including hardware, software and networks, reacting to key performance indicators, alerts to real time thresholds and provide real time visibility of your IT status and health.

Penetration Testing

Our experienced team can help organisations assess security risks, understand the complexities of any weak points and take necessary corrective actions in complex operating environments.

Our support ensures that uptime and availability exceeds expectations.

IT Management

Trusted Technology are experts at overseeing and maintaining your technology infrastructure and resources.

Cyber Management

We are experts at giving professional advice on cyber management and risk mitigation.

Cloud Migration

Trusted Technology has the knowledge and experience to offer consultancy to advise and inform cloud migration projects and programs.

Cloud Hosting

We can help you to securely host data and sensitive information with secure, Cloud hosting capabilities.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Consulting and designing resilient systems and recovery scenarios to help avoid or promptly deal with disaster scenarios.

Multi Agency Wireless Solutions

Explore our best in class, fully managed wireless solutions. Or get in touch to ask for our help to improve the security and benefit of your existing deployment. A modern wireless service can provide much more business benefit than simple, basic connectivity.

O365 / N365

Trusted Technology can provide your organisation with licensed and accredited windows and NHS office programmes.

Mobile Working

Trusted Technology are experts at supporting your employees with secure and accessible work form home solutions.

Information Security Management

We are proud to meet industry standards and provide the highest level of cybersecurity and information security management to our valued customers.

Asset Life-Cycle Management

A full service throughout the lifecycle of your equipment and software asset including secure and environmental disposal.

Release Management

We can provide release management services, meaning your software is tested, piloted and deployed to the required compliance levels.

Supporting you with planning, designing, developing, testing and deploying, we’re here for every step of your project.

Service Strategy

Aligning IT services with the needs and goals of a business in order to optimize value and minimize costs.

Service Design

Designing and planning new or changed services in order to meet your organisations own, specific needs.

Service Transition

Trusted Technology ensures the safe and controlled movement of services from development to live operation.

Service Operation

We offer tailored management and delivery of IT services to meet the needs of each client.

Continual Service Improvement

TT provide a systematic approach to improving the overall performance and delivery of IT services.

Here at Trusted Technology, we’re pros at supporting your IT assets and making sure that they are optimised and maintained throughout their lifetime through to retirement.

Secure Waste Disposal

All of our waste disposal is secure, sustainable and ethical. Trusted Technology’s waste disposal partners are also certified at the UK’s maximum-security level for data destruction, meaning you’re in safe hands.

Warranty Management

TT can help you ensure warranties for assets are properly managed throughout their entire life cycle, from acquisition to retirement.

Logistics & Warehousing

Keeping track of assets is made easy with our trusted systems. We have reliable procedures in place to help manage your assets and ensure all items can be accounted for at any given time.

Replacement Program

Our refurbishment program can deploy and install replacements to fit each workplaces bespoke needs. All of our disposal processes are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly.

WEEE Waste Disposal

We have strong, long-standing relationships with suppliers, arranging the collection and disposal of waste. All our waste disposal is secure, ethical and environmentally friendly.

Software Licence Management

Trusted Technology are well equipped to produce and manage software licences and developments for organisations.

Trusted Technology can help you achieve your business strategies, mitigate risks and overcome any challenges – allowing you to maximise the value that technology brings.

CIO services

Providing an experienced and qualified CIO as a service for organisations that do not require or have the budget for a full-time CIO position.

Business Case Production

We can outline the potential costs, benefits, and risks associated with your IT projects or initiatives.

Budgeting and Forecasting

We can help with your short- and long-term IT plans, allowing you to plan your IT budget and forecast.


Use our experience and knowledge to help plan you IT roadmap, realising the full potential of your systems .

Strategic Planning

We’ll work with you to make sure your IT plans will meet your business goals and strategies.

Our remote, ITIL based support team offers skilled technicians at every level. Our service desk’s capabilities can be tailored to fit your company’s own, specific needs.

Telephone Support

Our dedicated ITIL based service team offer skilled technicians at every level who are available to take calls at a time that suits you.

Ticketing System

Our high functioning ticketing system will track your request from start to finish. The hierarchical profiles mean that you have a view of single or multiple departments or sites.

Technical Service Desk

Our centralised technical team will provide you cost effective, knowledgeable and skilled support.

Remote Support

Our support desk will remotely connect to your devices, offering real time resolutions to your tickets and problems. We close roughly 90% of our customers tickets remotely.

On-Demand Support Desk

We are always available when you need us to provide immediate assistance with questions and support.

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