Employee Owned Trust


Employee Owned Trust

In February 2023 we became an EOT. Put simply, this means that colleagues “own” the company. The shareholding of the company is held by a trust for the benefit of all colleagues. When we became an EOT, we decided not to have staff or employees anymore, we decided that we would all be colleagues. The Trust Board is made up of Colleagues, Directors, Founding Shareholder (our previous MD) and an Independent person with EOT experience. We still have a traditional Board of Directors that run the company, made up of:

  • Pauline Gray – Managing Director, Finance, HR and Marketing.
  • Ed Bramall – Projects and Programmes Director.
  • Jon Cook – Technical Director, Vendor relationships.
  • Richard Hiett – Operations Director, operations, service and support, ISO.
  • Pauline Gray

    Managing Director
  • Ed Bramall

    Projects and Programmes Director
  • Jon Cook

    Technical Director
  • Richard Hiett

    Operations Director
  • Our Board of Directors liaise with both the Trust Board, and our Colleague Council, made up of 5 Elected Colleagues, HR and our MD as the chair. Our colleagues each have a voice, via both the council and the Trust, this feeds into our Board. Our founding shareholders, from our over 25 years of being with Healthcare Computing are mostly still involved in the Business, the Trust and Board of Directors. We are lucky to have been able to retain their vast knowledge and experience.

    The Future

    As well as changing our name from Healthcare Computing to Trusted Technology Partnership, we are implementing best-in-class Business Systems to provide the best service possible to our customers whilst delivering efficiencies for our teams too. There is also a planned move to a new more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly office where we will all be in one shared building. This will give us an improved working environment for all colleagues, increased meeting room capacity and a dedicated break area for all. There will be other added benefits such as enhanced creativity and innovation. The new building is only a short walk away from our current location in Ringwood, and we are delighted none of our colleagues will be disadvantaged by an increased commute. Of course, there is much work to be done so we have an exciting and busy future ahead of us.

    The Past

    All of our colleagues are proud to have been part of Healthcare Computing, our heritage has given us great foundations for our future. We will continue to nurture the wonderful culture and passion for great customer service that we have always had. Most of our founding shareholders are still with us in various roles, they are engaged and interested in our business and give us great insight and advice. Whilst they have stepped back and now work part time (much deserved) they are very much part of our future.