Trusted Technology offer fully DBS checked onsite and remote engineering services. Our engineers are experienced in delivering complex technical work packages, providing capacity for your own team, or managing teams of contract engineers, from small to very large estates. Our engineers are supported by our on demand technical team and provide consistently excellent results alongside friendly service.

Our teams of experienced, qualified IT engineers can provide installation services, from hardware projects to bespoke application deployment.

Large Scale Deployment

Security vetted onsite client and desktop engineering services for large scale installation and migration projects.

Laptop / Desktop Refresh

TT have the resources to provide laptop/desktop refreshes on a range of scales. Our refreshes offer security vetted, permanent onsite client and desktop engineering solutions.


We offer installation services that can be specified for individual clients to fit their specific needs. Including, network infrastructure level onsite engineering installation resources.

Networking Infrastructure

Server level onsite engineering services for installation and migration of onsite servers.


Server level onsite engineering services for installation and migration of onsite servers.


Trusted Technology partner with a range of qualified vendors to offer structured and secure data cabling services.

Datacentre Build / Relocation

Our professional engineers are qualified in data centre environments' and with their experience can offer builds and relocation services.

Supporting your IT Infrastructure to ensure your devices are optimised, maintained and protected.


Our professional engineers are qualified in data centre environments' and with their experience can offer builds and relocation services.


Our experienced team has a long record of helping clients to plan and execute a managed programmes of improvement work in response to a recent security assessment. Our team can help organisations to understand the complexities of any discovered weak points and the impact of any necessary corrective actions in the complex healthcare operating environments.


Security vetted Server level onsite engineering services for onsite server support and maintenance.

Patch Management

We can provide release management services, meaning your software patches and deployments are tested, piloted and deployed to the required compliance levels.


Security vetted Network infrastructure level onsite engineering support and maintenance.

Networking Infrastructure

Server-level onsite engineering services for installation and migration of onsite servers.

Our fully managed, dedicated team of technicians can deliver onsite or remote engineering, which is flexible to meet your needs, saving you the hassle of managing your own remote IT team.

Dedicated Engineering Resource

Dedicated full time onsite engineer via block time agreement.

Scalable Engineering Resource

Rapidly scalable engineering service for urgent and large-scale deployment projects fully managed by engineering team.

Remote Engineer

Remote engineering services via secure remote dial in.

On-site Engineer

We offer friendly, professional and DBS checked engineers that are on call to suit your workplace's own, particular needs.

Innovation can often be intimidating,especially in the technology sector. With up-to-date solutions combined with proven delivery experience, we can help keep things simple whilst ensuring clients always meet their goals.


Every software system is unique. Whether you are deploying a standardised toolkit or a bespoke engineered application we have the experience to supply and implement any system customised to requirements.

Support & Maintenance

Our service is built on the ITIL framework, meaning you will benefit from improved service delivery, customer satisfaction and a stronger alignment between IT and the business.

System Build

Our custom build centre is utilised to efficiently produce quality systems and test them to any specification.

System Design

Write and share full scope of work specifications. Our proven approach keeps our customers involved throughout the design process so that the final product is tailored to their needs.


We have a proven track record in supporting our customers in experimenting and testing ideas or concepts with real use cases before full-scale implementation. Giving the confidence to move forward with further investment.

Proof of Concept

Allow us to test and demonstrate that business proposals, system designs and more are feasible before committing valuable resources.

With over 25 years of experience, Trusted Technology have the knowledge and capability to engineer, install and monitor professional Software Deployment methodologies.

Software Upgrading

Our full-stack development team can design, develop, migrate and support cloud-based solutions. With extensive expertise in iOS, Android, Technical Architecture, Office365, Azure, HTML5, PHP, Node.JS, front development applications and Java technologies.

Software Defined Networking

We offer a broad range of proven development services allowing our clients to fully realise the benefits of Cloud, Mobile and IoT. Using technology to reduce cost, improve efficiently and mobility whilst ensuring security.

Trusted Technology can help you engineer a whole range of Cloud capabilities.


Trusted Technology assists clients with planning, mobilising, managing with full spectrum of Office365 / Microsoft365 services. Our consultants are skilled at migrating users to Microsoft cloud services.


Trusted Technology offer on premises Cloud services, following industry and vendor best practices throughout the project and technical process to ensure a secure, efficient and value for money service. Through engagement with an experienced IT partner, clients will realise the return on investment of any Microsoft Cloud services.

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