Thu Jan 19 2023
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Trusted Technology Partner With Restore to Deliver Secure Disposal Services for Hospital

Trusted Technology’s project services were recommended to a hospital in North London by another NHS organisation in the locality. This hospital has over 9000 employees and users, whilst catering for approximately one million patients in its locale

Trusted Technology subsequently engaged and won a major IT refresh programme, incorporating the replacement of close to 1400 Desktop PCs and the associated monitors. The trust stressed that the of the replacement programme must incorporate the secure disposal of redundant assets and the remarketing of working devices.  


When the trust was allocating a budget to cover the specifications of the replacement programme, they knew their budget was tight. Trust colleagues had identified that despite the equipment being end of life for their own use, it still had value which could contribute by offsetting some of the costs of the project.  

Although the equipment had residual value, the hospital needed to be sure that the partner selected to carry out the work was accredited and would provide the correct certification to ensure data destruction. Matching the serial numbers from the assets collected against trusts asset register was also determined to be a critical feature of the project. Furthermore, the Trust also highlighted their environmental and sustainability reporting requirements which also needed careful consideration. 


With 100 PCs & monitors being replaced each week over a three-month period, a strong disposal solution was required to close the asset lifecycle loop. Trusted Technology partnered with Restore Technology as they had a secure, consistent and financially appealing proposal. 

At the end of each week, a dedicated vehicle collected the assets on a set-day. Assets were transported under CCTV coverage, using a satellite tracked vehicle. Upon receipt at the Restore Technology processing facility, drives were removed and shredded. A new hard drive was then installed before each PC was resold. TFT monitors were also audited, tested and finally resold. Detailed reporting for each collection was provided which meant the assets could easily be removed from the Trusts asset register.  

Following the completion of the project and the resale of the PCs and monitors, a rebate was provided by Restore Technology. The rebate was then converted to engineering credits for the trust by Trusted Technology which reduced the overall cost of the project by a considerable margin.  

Data security is a vital concern to healthcare organisations, who manage highly confidential patient records. As a UK-leading ITAD (IT asset disposition) provider, we are able to provide IT asset services at the very highest levels of security, guaranteeing the safety of your confidential data.

Restore Technology
In Partnership with Trusted Technology